Search engine indexing

⚙️ By default, your pages are not indexed by Google or any other search engine.

See Page privacy for more details. The summary is: if Google doesn't know your page exists, it naturally won't be indexed.

However, if a link to your page appears in a public post (e.g. on Reddit), it will be indexed along with its parent- and child-pages. This does not affect pages outside the tree.


🗣 If you want Google to index your pages, you have to let Google know they exist.

This can be done in two ways:

  • You can post your links in a public place (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, any other public website),
  • Or you can ask support to submit your pages to the index manually.


🔒 If you don't want Google to index your pages, you can block page indexing for the whole tree.

1. Open "Manage head tags" for your root page.

2. Insert the line: 

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

3. Tick "Apply to subpages" option and click "Save"! 

Now your pages are protected from indexing.


🛑 It is also possible to remove already indexed pages from Google search results.

Please contact support to make this happen. Google considers all pages on the domain to be owned by us — and thus we have access to the URL removal tool that can be used to remove the search results.