Connect your domain

First, log into the account you have with your domain provider (Namecheap, Cloudflare, etc). Find your DNS settings β€” look for "domain management area", "DNS configuration", or similar.

If you want to point a root domain (like

  • Change the A record of your domain to;
  • Create or change a CNAME record of the www subdomain, pointing to

If you want to point a subdomain (like

  • Change the A record of your subdomain to
  • You don't need to create any other records.

Then, go to your page's domain settings and click "Generate SSL certificate":

Example: DigitalOcean, root domain

Go to the "Networking" tab. Then:

When creating the A record, you should not enter the full domain name β€” you should only enter @, like this:

Similarly, for you should only enter www.


I am getting NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID when accessing my site

Answer: you have forgotten to click "Generate SSL certificate" after connecting your domain.

I am using Cloudflare and getting "error 500" when trying to generate the certificate

Make sure the "Proxy status" switch is turned off in the DNS management settings.