How to remove the "Published with Brick" footer

Right now the only way is by using custom CSS or JavaScript. An easier option is on our roadmap: An easy & complete way to remove Brick branding.

Option 1: Custom JavaScript

This is a better option because it will not be affected by any CSS customizations you make, and will be reliably inherited for all subpages.

Choose a page. Navigate to "Manage head tags" in the page menu, and add the following customization:

  var removeFooter = function removeFooter() {
  if (window.addEventListener) {
    window.addEventListener('load', removeFooter)
  } else {
    window.attachEvent('onload', removeFooter)

Make sure to click the "Apply to subpages" checkbox:

Click "Save", and now the "Powered with Brick" footer will be gone from the page and all its subpages.

Option 2: Custom CSS

Choose a top-level page. Navigate to "Design":

Switch to the "Customizations" tab:

Add the following piece of code at the top:

.page-footer { display: none !important; }

Click "Apply". Now "Published with Brick" will be gone from the page and all its subpages.

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