⭐️ Hall of fame

Everything in Brick that got better thanks to other people. Feature ideas, new interesting usecases, etc.

June 2021

Metta — "open links in a new tab": Metta asked for a way to mark links as "should open in a new tab". That's one more feature that might not have been in Brick at all if somebody hadn't requested it!

May 2021

Squid — markdown backups: Squid asked for Markdown backups and now, thanks to him, everyone gets Markdown backups automatically in addition to the HTML ones. It was super easy to implement.

April 2021

Vladislav Zavialov — page content computations: Vlad came up with the idea of using HTML blocks to do interesting things with the page content itself — e.g. a block could display word count, or generate a table of contents. It's very cool to be able to do features like "autogenerated table of contents" without changing Brick itself. We could even have a gallery of user-submitted "smart blocks".

This frequency table is autogenerated from the rest of the page content with a JS script.

Squid — "Copy link in quick page switcher": Squid proposed to have a quick page switcher, and a way to copy the link to a page right from the switcher itself (a la Listary) — the latter thing is a killer feature. We will definitely do it when we implement the quick page switcher.

Squid — improved custom links: Squid noticed that it would be better if custom links didn't break when the page is moved in the page tree. We haven't implemented it yet, but likely will at some point.

Squid — a Calendly link to chat with the team: Squid's personal page has a Calendly link to book a call with him easily. It was a great idea and we shamelessly stole it. You can book a call with the team (to get a tour of Brick or chat about anything) at https://calendly.com/brickdo/chat.

December 2020

Alexander Vershilov — mobile editing: Alexander was one of the first people who bravely tried using Brick on mobile. Since he had already written a few posts by then, we were motivated to immediately investigate whether we could quickly add mobile support — and it turned out we could.

Alexander Vershilov — code highlighting: the posts Alexander had written were mostly about code, so we were extra motivated to add code highlighting (which was already on our roadmap).

November 2020

Sathya — the pivot to public notes: during a call, Sathya noticed that we aren't currently good for arbitrary site-making (e.g. landing pages for marketing), but we are already good as a public notes app. This single comment almost immediately made us shift towards making a public notes app.